Finding the right talent to fuel your growth.

The Talent Acquisition Experts

InHire is a full-service recruitment firm specialised in sourcing and placing top talent that unlocks growth for our clients. With over 15 years of experience and a network of over 1 million candidates, we’ve helped numerous organisations across industries build world-class teams.
A Personalised Partnership
Every client partnership is unique. We begin by deeply understanding your hiring needs, company culture and growth goals. Then we custom build a talent acquisition strategy and leverage our specialised recruiters, advanced technologies and extensive network to deliver the exact hires to move your business forward.

A Human Approach to Recruiting

Beyond just hiring for skills and experience, we search for candidates that will be the perfect cultural match and thrive within your team. We offer guidance throughout the hiring process to help you identify top talent with both the hard and soft skills to excel in your organisation. Save Time And Costs
Our end-to-end recruitment process handles all steps from initial requirements definition through interviews and hiring. We leverage expert systems and automation where needed to qualify candidates, reducing the time you spend sifting through unqualified resumes.
A Streamlined Experience
Our technology-enabled recruiting solutions simplify every stage from candidate sourcing and screening to interview scheduling and offer negotiation. We take on the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Increase Hire Quality with Measurable Results

With a 99% placement success rate, we focus obsessively on matching the right fit for your open roles. Our recruiters undergo extensive training to evaluate not just skills but cultural and motivational fit for your organisation. The result is higher retention and less attrition of new hires.InHire’s metrics-driven approach focuses on transparency, accountability and achieving your recruiting KPIs. We track all data related to time-to-fill, offer acceptance rates, retention and more to continuously improve outcomes.
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