Allied Health

Attracting Top Allied Health Professionals For Your Healthcare Organisation

Attracting Top Allied Health Professionals For Your Healthcare Organisation

At InHire Recruitment, our team of allied health recruitment specialists understands the combination of clinical expertise, compassion and technical skills required to excel as part of your multidisciplinary care teams.
We have a proven track record of sourcing and placing:
• Physical therapists
• Occupational therapists
• Radiologic technologists
• Medical laboratory scientists
• Pharmacists
• Dietitians and nutritionists

Our allied health recruiters possess

• Strong relationships with top allied health schools to identify the newest graduating candidates
• Expertise in identifying professionals with outstanding patient outcomes, adaptability to change and abilities to inspire support of physician-led care
• Deep knowledge of the multitude of allied health roles to match the right talent to your open positions and departments
By partnering with InHire Recruitment, your allied health division gains:
• Access to a vast pool of pre-screened allied health talent
• Efficiency – We quickly identify professionals that fit your accreditation requirements and needs
• Experience – A proven track record of helping healthcare organizations recruit top allied health professionals to transform patient care
• Consultation – We provide compensation benchmarking, contract development and interview guidance to attract the best talent.

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We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your unique needs to determine how we can source the best allied health talent to fuel your growth and clinical excellence.


It involves hiring temporary talent as needed to fulfil business needs. It provides flexibility to rapidly scale up or down as demands change.

This process ensures that businesses can find the right administrative talent and workers can find jobs that are a good fit for their skill set.

Greater flexibility, dynamic skillsets, lower costs, ability to quickly access specialised talent, minimise risk of long-term commitments.

It’s a short-term solution fulfilling temporary needs. Workers have fewer benefits and no long-term contracts.

By dynamically adjusting headcount based on demand, implementing just-in-time talent acquisition strategies, and benchmarking spend to identify cost efficiencies.

Through our network of specialised talent platforms, recruitment channels, and internal databases built over years of placements.

Through rigorous validation of candidates’ skills, certifications, experience, safety records, and cultural fit for our clients’ needs.

Onboarding, payroll management, compliance support, performance tracking, and workforce optimisation strategies.

Yes! With our extensive networks and streamlined processes, we can source and place specialised flexible talent within days or weeks.

All industries – from warehousing to healthcare, technology to manufacturing, and many more.

Yes! We provide solutions through Managed Service Provider and Vendor Management System models to optimise our clients’ workforces strategically.

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